Atomic Bomberman is a game that was released for the PC.


This game differs from previous Bomberman games in that the gameplay is much faster. The bombs detonate faster and the players move faster as well. It is the only official Bomberman game to support ten players- a feat shared with Hi-Ten Bomberman and Saturn Bomberman.

The game is mainly known for its multiplayer, although it has a short campaign mode as well. Campaign mode can be accessed by the pressing the C key on the player select screen five times. There is also a level editor that can be accessed by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing E six times.

Several of the items in Atomic Bomberman were re-named from mainline Bomberman games.


Atomic Bomberman includes the following Bombers, albeit with vastly different designs due to the change in art style. Like Super Bomberman 2, each Bomber's bombs and their resulting explosions are colored to match the Bomberman that dropped them.

  1. White Bomberman
  2. Black Bomberman
  3. Red Bomberman
  4. Blue Bomberman
  5. Green Bomberman
  6. Yellow Bomberman
  7. Cyan Bomberman
  8. Pink Bomberman
  9. Orange Bomberman
  10. Purple Bomberman


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