For the member of the Dark Force Bombers, see Aqua Bomber.
"I think it looks beautiful! But everything suits you, big sister..."
-Aqua Bomber to Pink Bomber in the intro cutscene
"I hate violence."
-Aqua Bomber when get selected.
"I don't like violence...But I'm glad that I won."
-Aqua Bomber when winning a battle.

"No more.....VIOLENCE!"

-Aqua Bomber, Super Bomberman R

Aqua Bomberman (officially known as Aqua Bomber, and sometimes unofficially called Light Blue, Cyan or Teal) is a recurring character in the Bomberman series. She mainly appears as an alternate skin to allow for more players in multiplayer mode.

Notable appearances

Aqua Bomber's first appearance was as a background element in Bomberman '93, which was followed by a playable appearance in Hi-Ten Bomberman and then an alternate color in Super Bomberman 2.

Aqua Bomber falls into the black hole along with her friends in Super Bomberman 4. She is captured by Jet Bomber and can be freed by the player by blowing up her Cage. She can then assist the player by planting bombs on the map.

After an appearance in Bomberman DS, Aqua reappeared in the trio of seventh-generation Bomberman titles Live, Blast, and Ultra. In Super Bomberman R, Aqua Bomber is finally given an official name and is identified as female alongside Pink Bomber. She also uppercuts both Red Bomberman and Magnet Bomber, despite the fact she hates violence and fighting.

On rare cases, she merely says "HMPH!" after what Black Bomberman said he thinks anyone is scarier when she's angry, after she uppercuts both Red and Magnet Bomber in Technopolis


In Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden, Aqua Bomber makes a minor appearance as Light Blue Bomber.


In Bomberman Land Touch! 2, Aqua Bomber makes a minor appearance as Acrobat Aqua.


  • Aqua Bomber in Super Bomberman R has an almost complete parallel to Red Bomber in the B-Daman series, Aqua's characteristics might be a possible nod to her. Both are pacifists that hate fighting, but starts fighting towards people that annoy them. (An even more interesting fact that Aqua does this to Red Bomber in Super R.) Both of them love sewing, and they both wear a ribbon on their heads.