Amefuto Jigora Bomber is a Super Combined Bombermen debuting in the Bomberman Jetters anime in episode 33. Amefuto Jigora Bomber is a mix between a dinosaur and a #33 jersey. It was used in an attempt to steal the stone floppy disk but was soon defeated by White Bomber's Burning Fire Bomb.


Amefuto Jigora Bomber is a combination of a dinosaur and a #33 jersey. It is given an appearance of a dinosaur wearing a helmet and the jersey.


It is unknown what its abilities are, since it was defeated before it summoned a bomb.


  • It wears a #33 jersey uniform, possibly referring to the 33rd episode of the series.

Name of Origin

  • Amefuto is the abbreviation of American Football, while Jigora is the pun of Godzilla.


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